“DECA is an amazing organization that has not only built my communication and leadership skills, but also has allowed me to network and make friendships with students from around the country and world. I have gained opportunities and experiences that I would not otherwise through DECA.”Alhena Islam,
Laramie High School
"DECA is a place to grow and be inspired by emerging leaders of our generation. It challenges you in new ways, making you a better leader, classmate, friend, and community member."Xiner Luo
Laramie High School

I started in DECA Last year and it helped me to realize my potential in business and entrepreneurship. through DECA I have met new friends and valuable contacts for future projects. Byson Taylor, Cheyenne Central High School

I’ve met so many great people from all around the state while still improving my skills in the marketing world. DECA has provided me a great way to make new bonds and build my resume simultaneously. I always love the experience at state competitions, everyone is friendly but still ready to compete for a trophy. Winning my state titles will always be near the top of my favorite DECA memories. Pierce Kiolbasa, Cheyenne South High School

I've been a part of DECA for 2 years now, and it's always felt like a family. My favorite DECA memory is when everyone was at State last year. After the competitive events had finished, we all hung out in the lounge at the hotel. In that moment it didn't matter which chapter people were from or even who won. I was just happy to be there with everyone. Calla Shosh, Natrona County High School

"Deca has opened so many doors for me and helped me to become a more confident. It’s give me the opportunity to meet so many incredible people that have inspired me to become better."Alaina Soto
South High School

I joined DECA after I was invited by some older friends of mine. Little did I know that attending that first DECA meeting would lead to a host of new experiences and skills. My participation in DECA has fast-tracked my professional development and leadership, which I will be forever thankful for. Further, I have been able to meet so many amazing people through DECA. I can’t stress enough how amazing my time in the organization has been and I will forever recommend DECA to everyone. Collin Krueger, Laramie High School

I joined DECA as a freshman solely for the reason that I could be able to travel to cool locations for Nationals. Throughout my years in DECA though, I have developed a sense of pride for the community surrounding it and I have become very invested in the club. I have picked up a lot of skills that I didn't think I would ever need. In my four years I have progressed from a brand new DECA recruit to leading my own chapter as the president and I have fallen in love with it. Devin Clyde, Campbell County High School

"DECA has opened my eyes to so many opportunities and helped me to understand things I had never even thought about before. DECA has helped me become a better-educated, more confident, and more driven person." Tiffany Allen
Campbell County High School
"Through DECA I build friendships I never planned on and have had some of the best memories of my life."Edward Bird
Central High School
"DECA truly shaped my future and gave me skills that I will forever be thankful for and will use for the rest of my life. " Cassie Haupt
Kelly Walsh
"I was a very quiet person and could barely be heard, even during class. Now I feel more confident about my words. I’ve been able to convey my ideas and have never been happier."Laura Delano,
Natrona County High School
"Through DECA, I've gotten to work with some of the most supportive people I know and have pushed myself harder than I knew was possible." Katia Oler
Laramie High School
To me, DECA means meeting new people, experiencing new things, being introduced to new opportunities, and making unforgettable memories. Through DECA, I have learned countless communications and business skills as well as become more community-oriented, academically prepared, professionally responsible, and a more experienced leader."Sophia Gomelsky
Laramie High School
"When joining DECA, kids will gain a competitive edge that will aid them in future endeavors. The memories I acquired from DECA will be some of the ones I cherish forever!" Paul Wederski,
Riverton High School

For more information on Wyoming DECA, please contact State Advisor Cheryl Cranford at 307.679.1739 or at wyodeca@gmail.com.